Sprouts curry


Sprouts curry is a very healthy and tasty, but it is a bit long process u need a lot of time to do this, for making sprouts curry u will need to soak green gram, horse gram and if u like u can even soak brown channa (chick peas) overnight and the next day u need to drain the water and keep it agin for 24 hrs.

In the USA it ll take more longer time coz its always cold there. In India it takes one and a half day but USA u need atleast 3 days , when I was in the US I did this curry and it took almost 3 to 4 days for the grains to sprout.

 After 24hrs or whenever the grains are sprouted it ready to make the curry.


1.      sprouts  – 1 small cup

2.      coconut grated/ coconut milk – 1 small cup

3.      potatoes – 2 chopped

4.      brinjal – 2 (optional)

5.      onion – 1 (half  for sauté and other half for grinding)

6.      tomato’s – 2 chopped

7.      ginger – 1 inch

8.      garlic – 5 to 8 pods

9.      chilly powder – 2  tspoon

10.  dania / coriander powder – 1 tspoon

11.  sambar powder (which ever is available in the market or if have home made same applies to garam masala also but garam masala is a must, sambar powder is optional ) –  1 btspoon

12.  red chillies – 3 -5

13.  salt

14.  turmeric powder – 1 pinch

15.  oil – 1 table spoon

16.  garam masala.

 First u need to grind some ingredients – onion(half), garlic, ginger, coconut (if u have grated) ,red chilles.

 How to make

Take a cooker or a big pan, keep it on the stove once it’s a bit hot add oil, one the oil is hot add onion and turmeric powder once the onion is becomes transparent add the potatoes, brinjal. After the potatoes and brinjal have half cooked add the sprouts and mix it then add chilly, dania , sambar and garam masal powders and mix it again then add the grinded masala and a little water(in case u have taken coconut milk instead of the grated coconut )now u have to add the coconut milk and salt. let it cook in high until it boils then later u can simmer it and let it cook until the vegges are done.


Once its done u  can have it with rice or chappathis.

P.S. I  will post homemade Sambar and Garam masala powders recipes soon.






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