Eggless chocolate Sponge cake.

I love baking, that too eggless and I want to revive my food blog, which has not been updated since ages. So from now onwards I would write/put up all my baking experiments and also other cuisines which I might find interesting. Also my photos may not be that good I will try my best with photographs, my old photos are even more bad so please bear with me .

Ok coming bake to eggless chocolate cake recipe this recipe is the best recipe I have ever found and even a beginner can make perfect airy and moist eggless cake. It’s not like how people think that eggless cakes are dense and it’s just perfect cake. So here goes the recipesb 113b 112b 115 b 120 b 119 b 120 b 122 b 124 b 126

Ingredients needed.

Dry ingredients.

Maida or self raising flour – 1 & 1/4th  cup

Cocoa Powder – 1/4th cup

Granulated Sugar –  3/4th cup

Baking soda –  ½ tsp

Baking powder – 1 and 1/4th tsp.

Wet ingredients.

Curd (room temperature / not too cold) – 1 cup

Cooking oil (sunflower, rice bran, ground nut or any cooking oil) – ½ cup

Vanilla essence – 1 tsp.

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How to make

Now take the Maida and cocoa power and sieve and keep it aside to mix it.

Take a bowl add the curd beat the curd until its smooth , the add the sugar and beat it until the sugar is melted now add the baking powder and soda and mix it until it becomes frothy , now add the vanilla essence  and mix it well.

Now mix both the wet and dry together until it becomes into to smooth batter.

Preheat the own for 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

Pour the batter in a baking tin or silicon mould just grease the mould with a little oil.

Bake it for 30 to 35 minutes for 180 degrees, when it’s done just poke it with a knife , if the knife comes out clean it’s done or if the cake batter is sticking you need to bake for few more minutes , it all depends on the different oven we use.

Once the cake is done let it cool on the wire rack, once it’s cool you can eat it just as sponge cake or with icing .Icing or creaming the cake, it needs a separate post.


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