Homemade Mascarpone Cheese/Cream Cheese

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I wanted to make Tiramisu but… yeh but here in Bangalore we don’t get cream cheese that easily, and for 100 to 200 grams for a tub of cream cheese it costs a lot, so when I was browsing how to make tiramisu cake I got this recipe for making homemade Mascarpone cheese. I was excited at the same nervous because I though I might not be able to do with just reading the steps and the pictures even though it was given in detail but I was not sure whether I would pull it off at least somewhat ok.

I also got recipe for making cream cheese using paneer making method I did try that but I dint like it cause I was getting the taste of curd and it was nowhere like cheese and that why I was searching again and got this recipe and it was one superb recipe.

But I wanted to make eggless tiramisu since DH was coming back from the US after a month I wanted to do something different , but with this cream cheese was a hitch but I just decided to try and it was simple and easy to make and it tasted awesome too. So here goes the recipe

Recipe Source – Cakesandmore

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 5 minutes.
Idle Time: 24hours
Cooking Time: 15-20 minutes
Makes: I cup or 230 grams

Cream – 400ml (25% fat)
Lemon juice – 1tbsp

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How to make

Take water in wide bowl, the water should be about 1”, boil the water, once the water starts boiling reduce the flame and the water should be early simmering. Take another small bowl pour the cream and place it in the wide bowl, the bowl need to sit in the simmering water.

Heat the cream , stirring it often .Keep string for about fifteen minutes , now add the lemon just and keep string it continuously for fifteen minutes or until the cream curdle and the cream will thicken and will coat the spatula. The curdling will not look like what it will look like while making panner, except for tiny granules.

Remove the bowl from the water and let it cool for some 20 minutes. Meanwhile, line the sieve with dampened cheese cloth and set it over a bowl, transfer the mixture into the lined sieve don’t squeeze it just leave it as it is. Let it be for some time and then refrigerate for 24 hours and then it’s ready to use, yummy homemade cream cheese.



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