Masala Chai/Chai Masala

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I wanted to make homemade chai masala from a very long time. Why? this idea of making chai masala came to my mind was, when I was in the US my neighbour was also from Bangalore, whenever I used to go to her place she used to make this best masala chain I have ever had, from then onwards I started liking chai and until now I prefer chai over coffee but before I used to like coffee. Now I am a chai fan. I had tried the store brought chai masala it was not at all good and was a waste of money

In all these years whenever I wanted to make chai masala I dint have the ingredients immediately or when I had all the ingredients I either dint have the recipe or mood to do it, or I used to make ginger or cinnamon or cardamom chai whichever ingredient was available and now finally I have made my custom-made masala chai, all the ingredients are according to my taste and I enjoy my tea sessions, either alone or with DH or the guests at home, so here goes the recipe.

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Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 15 to 20 minutes.
Idle Time: nil
Cooking Time: nil
makes: 100 grams


Cardamom – 10 t0 15

Cinnamon – 15 small pieces

Nutmeg – 2 to 3

Pepper – ½ tspn

Jeera – ½ tspn

Ginger (dry) – 50 grams (powder)

Cloves – 10


Take all the ingredients put it in a mixer and grind it coarsely and its ready when ever you’re making the masala chai

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Notes; I have show fresh ginger in the picture but I have used dry ginger.


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