Masala Puri


I wanted to make this chat, I used to make this chat regularly sometime back, but I don’t know for whatever reasons I had stopped making it. At that time I was following a recipe but now I don know where I have kept that recipe book, I have a vague idea of how I used to make it, so with that idea I have made this recipe but whatever the original recipe was, now what I did and how it tasted  is what matters.

Hmmmm yeh it tasted good and DH took a second serving, I felt I needed to make more changes so next time when I make changes will update but now here’s the recipe…

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 30 to 40 minutes.
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
makes: 5 to 6 plates

Ingredients needed

Dry Peas – 1 cup (soaked overnight and boiled the next day)

Onion – 1 small (chopped)

Carrot – 1 medium (grated)

Coriander – 1/4th cup (finely chopped)

Tomato – 1 medium (chopped)(I dint add tomato coz DH does not like it)

Potato – 1 medium (boiled and mashed)

Sev – 1 cup

Lemon – 1 (just to add when serving) (optional)

Black salt – to taste (optional)

Chat masala – to taste (optional)

Masala – ½ cup – (onion -1, ginger – 1 inch, garlic – 4 to 6 pods, coriander – ¼ th cup. Mint leaves – 1//4th cup, chillies – 5 to 6, sauf – ½ tspn). We need to grind this into a fine paste.

Garam masala – ½ tspn

Salt – to taste

And of course pooris – 20 to 30 small seized

Green chutney – 1 tbsp. (chillies – 5 to 6, coriander – 1/4th cup, mint – 1/4th cup, salt to taste, lime – tspn grind all this into fine paste)

Sweet chutney – 1tbspn (dates – 5 to 6, tamarind juice – 1tbspn, sugar or jiggery -1 tbsp. grind all this into fine paste)

059 058

How to make

Take the boiled peas and add the grind paste , let it simmer for some time, then add garam masala and mashed potato and again simmer it for sometime and add salt as per your taste the peas curry /ragda is ready and let it simmer on slow flame.


How to assemble or plate the masala puri

Take the poori’s and break it into pieces and place it as the base on the serving plate then put/pour the simmering peas curry /ragda on the puri, the add some onion, grated carrot, coriander, tomato, black salt, chat masala, lemon juice, green chutney, sweet chutney and sev to finish it off and viola its ready to eat yummy road side chat…the masala puri.

Notes; I used home made pooris,we can use store bought poori too.

I dint use the chutney’s , but if we use the chutney it gives more better taste.

Always use the dry peas , it gives the original road side street food taste.

Poori and puri are the same.


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