Mandaki or puri or puffed rice Upma


It’s actually called mandaki in proper Kannada. The original recipe’s name is mandaki usli. It’s a very simple, healthy and tasty recipe. This recipe is from the mid North West part of Karnataka and mirchi bajji along with this is a great combination. In this recipe instead of puffed rice you can use beaten rice/avallaki or just plain cooked rice. So here goes the recipe.

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 20 minutes.
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
makes: 2 plates

What you will need.

4 cups – puffed rice
6 cups – water
½ tsp – turmeric
2 tsp – lemon juice
1 tbsp – roasted gram powder (just take one tbsp roasted gram and powder it)
1 tsp – mustard seeds
1 tsp – channa dal
1 tsp – urad dal
1 tbsp – vegetable oil (or just any veg oil)
1 onion – medium sizes finely chopped
6 green chillies – split into two or more according to your taste
1 small capsicum/bell peppers – chopped into small squares
1 small potato – chopped into small squares
½ cup – fresh grated coconut
Curry leaves little
finely chopped                                                                                                                                                                              Salt to taste’


002 004

Soaking the puffed rice in water (2 nd pic)

010 012

How to make.

Take pan or kadai once its heated add oil, when the oil is hot add mustard seed, urad dal and channa dal, after 30 seconds add the onion , chilly, potato ,curry leaves, turmeric and salt they let it cook in medium fame until the potatoes are done, it might take fifteen minutes. Then add the capsicum and grated coconut mix it well and cook for more five minutes. Then take a big bowl add water and soak the puffed rice for 3 to 5 minutes, then drain out the excess water. Then take the soaked and water drained out puffed rice in a bowl then add lemon juice and roasted channa powder and mix well. Then add the puffed rice in the pan and mix with sauté onion mixture and mix it well nicely and add coriander and it’s done , this recipe is good with the mirchi bajji. Mirchi or chilly bajji recipe will be posted soon.




*don’t soak the puffed rice too much in the water will become soggy.

*when adding salt be a bit careful coz in puffed rice there will be a little salt so add accordingly.

*when adding beaten rice instead of puffed rice  you need to soak but don’t add the powdered channa

*when adding rice instead of puffed rice don’t add powdered  channa and use one day older rice it tastes good.

*In the pictures I have not added capsicum  or potato, but usually add capsicum most of the time.

PS (the photos are not that clear)





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