Okra/Bindi Kurkure or fry

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Bindi is my DH’s one of favorite vegetables, anything I make using Okra he will eat without any fuss. This is my amma’s recipe. I who does not like bindi will eat it when made this way. It’s yummy but adds calories, so let’s get to the recipe.

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 15 minutes                                                                                                       Idle time: ½ an hour
Cooking Time: 25 to 30 minutes
makes: 2 to 3 servings


500gms Bindi /Okra (cute it into thin strips)

2 tspn gram flour/besan flour

1 tspn chat masala

1 tspn chilly powder

1 tspn lemon juice

Salt to taste

¼ tspn turmeric

Veg oil for deep frying

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How to make

In a bowl take the thin strips of bindi add all the ingredients except oil and mix well. While mixing gently mix so that the okra so that the okra does not break, just gently mix it and coat the ingredients well and let it rest for some time, it’s like marinating the bindi. Then once the oil is hot deep fry the okra until golden brown and it’s ready to serve.


The taste is better and good if bindi rest for sometime before frying.

IF the marinated okra stays over night and then if you fry it, it tastes better


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