This blog “MOMSRECIPES”  is dedicated to my amma darling. She is the best cook in the world. This blog  will be all about my amma’s recipes, my eggless baking experiments and any food that interest’s me which I will try out and put it here.

I am a typical Sagittarian, the food I cook all depends on my mood. I used to like only the Indian(north and south)and Italian dishes, but now after travelling a bit, I also like Mexican, Chinese ,Thai and many more. I started my cooking and baking blog in 2007 itself but for whatsoever reasons I dint post all, but now I have decided I will revive my blog and post all my cooking escapes.

My Dear Husband (DH) is the first to taste my daily  experiments, he is a good critic he says how exactly he feels about the particular dish and I like that and I can make corrections, he also gives me suggestions sometime on maybe what went wrong or how it could have been done.

My mom likes my cakes as they are homemade and eggless, most of my family .extended family and friends like my baking goodies. The look on their face (they cant believe it is eggless and even a eggless cake can taste so good) and the compliments I get is awesome, when I give them my baked goodies I love it and I am the happiest person in the world.

This page will be updated more often.


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